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tv   American Morning  CNN  July 1, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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it, it wouldn't have stung him. he was too threatening to the scorpion. >> you mentioned poutine. have you ever eaten it? >> no, i haven't. but i know you speak fondly of it. >> i do enjoy it, french fries, cheese kurd and gravy all mushed together. perhaps one day we'll get we'll enjoy a styrofoam bowl together. good to see you as always. anna will cover her news on cnn international. and take it over in the united states, "american morning" continues right now. and good morning. i'm kiran chetry. a lot going on, want to get you caught up on the latest news. could ex-imf chief dominique strauss-kahn be off the hook? he's back in court this morning and there are reports that the sex assault case against him could soon implode. i'm ali velshi. stakes high in the casey anthony trial. the mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old child did not take the stand and the defense rests. the jury could get the case over the weekend. we'll give you the latest on
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this "american morning." and good morning to you. the summer is going fast. it is the first of july today, as everybody gets set on this friday for a holiday weekend. glad you're with us. >> and lots and lots of news today. up first, a man once the world's most powerful banker could be released from house arrest today. >> this dominique strauss-kahn case took an amazing turn yesterday. there is word that the sex saumts case against him may actually be falling apart because of major holes in his accuser's story. susan candiotti who has followed this case every step of the way is live outside of the courthouse. when we first heard about this case, prosecutors said they really believed they had a credible, credible accuser. >> that's right. this is huge, kiran. good morning to you. and ali. it's important because of what you said and also because the
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police also made a point of saying how credible this woman was. however, now, two sources familiar with the case are telling cnn that the hotel maid who made the serious accusations against dominique strauss-kahn has serious credibility issues. what's key about this stunning development, is that the disclosure is coming from prosecutors. in fact, cnn has learned that a meeting took place yesterday, called by prosecutors. they met with members of dsk's defense team and told them about some of the problems that they have discovered through an investigation looking into the background of the hotel maid. in fact, i am told there are four or five problems that have come up, including one that involved her application for asylum from her native guinea before she came to the united states. part of the issue had to do with a sexual assault that she said was part of that asylum claim. it was covered according to a
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source that assault did not take place and that there were outright lies, i am told, that were involved. as you know, very recently, attorneys for dominique strauss-kahn put out a statement indicating that they had discovered serious credibility issues with the hotel maid that they had not yet disclosed. but it's also important to remember, that the prosecutors and police have come up with what they said dna evidence that indicated that there was a sexual assault at the hotel. that there was sexual activity at the hotel. now because of these credibility issues, it doesn't necessarily mean some kind of sexual activity didn't occur, but it could mean that because her credibility has been so undermined, that it's possible the entire felony case might have to go away. >> susan, is there more to this than what she may or may not
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have been telling investigators? i've seen some reports that it's also got do with whether or not there have been some financial gain or some money exchanged? >> "the new york times" is reporting that one of the other issues that i mentioned were involved has something to do with someone who is doing time or is accused of drugs and money laundering and that there is a relationship with the hotel maid. we do expect, i'm told by a source that prosecutors will outline the specifics of the credibility issues in court filing this morning, that should be made public before this hearing begins at 11:30. what's going to happen at the hearing? well defense attorneys will ask that dominique strauss-kahn, on bail, be modified and i'm told the prosecutors are unlikely to stand in the way of that. however, will he walk out the door on his own recognizance? it's unclear whether that will happen and unclear that
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prosecutors, whether they will allow him to get his passport back. they might allow him to travel inside the united states. >> all right. we'll certainly be watching that closely and following it with you later on today. thanks, susan. >> last night, our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin talked about the twist that case has taken. he was incredulous. listen to what he said. >> the evidence apparently shows, dna evidence of a sexual encounter between dominique strauss-kahn and the woman who is the maid, yet even with dna evidence, the prosecution is considering dropping the case. that shows how bad her credibility may be, that even with dna evidence, they may not be able to bring this case. it's a shocking, shocking development. >> there's a couple things going on. one of them is that there seems to be -- there seems to continue to be evidence of a sexual encounter but now the question is what is something else? >> was it a setup?
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there were conspiracy theories abound when it happened. >> seemed to be discounted by the strength of the prosecution's case. >> will they have to give him this -- we made a lot about the $250,000 a month that he's paying for his own house arrest, the security, the arlds guards, the monitoring, will he recoup that money if it turns out -- >> there are so many questions. it's going to happen around 11 or 11:30 eastern. another bombshell case, the defense wrapping up yesterday in the casey anthony trial. the death penalty is still on the table and there was a bombshell moment by the mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old in cold blood. >> casey anthony herself chose not to testify in her own defense. david mattingly joins us live from orlando, florida. just a lot of interesting things happening on that final day of the case. what's your sense of it, david? >> well, ali, the defense definitely gave the jury a lot of new things to think about yesterday. we heard from george anthony's alleged mistress who claimed that he said this was all an accident. we also heard from every single
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member of the anthony family talking about how they used to dispose of their dead pets using duct tape, plastic bags, and blankets. but we did not hear from casey anthony. the judge wanted to make it very clear to the court that it was her decision not to say a word in her own defense. listen. >> you understand that your decision to testify or not testify is solely your decision and your decision alone? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: something that's also going to speak pretty loudly probably to the jury are words left in a suicide note by george anthony. he was actually thinking about suicide, wrote a very long and rambling suicide note to everyone. here's some excerpts. he said this should be no surprise that i have decided to leave the earth because i need to be with caylee marie. he also said, i cannot be strong
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anymore. caylee marie, our granddaughter, i miss her, i miss her so much. we're going to have closing arguments tomorrow, but there was one spectator in the court who's probably not going to be able to watch that, a very strange moment at the end of proceedings yesterday, a spectator in the court was called before the judge because he gave an obscene gesture to one of the prosecutors during this case. the judge called him up. he gave him six days in jail, more than $600 in fines and that is going to be one very costly finger that he displayed in that courtroom. but again, tomorrow, we're going to go into closing arguments as they trial really begins to wrap up here. >> who did he flip the bird at? who was it intended for? >> it was at one of the prosecutor's and -- in his defense, all he said was, that it was just something stupid. he never really gave any reason why. he's going to have a lot of time to think about that.
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>> david, we'll stay on top of it with you. this is something we're watching closely for the next few days. david mattingly. thousands of state employees in minnesota are no longer being paid after the government shut down at midnight. this is the second shutdown in six years and it's all because state lawmakers cannot come to an agreement on how to close the state's $5 billion budget gap. there's a democratic governor and republican controlled legislature. what's closed this morning? the minnesota zoo, state parks, state lottery, highway rest stops and no driving tests available until the government reopens and all those people who have gone camping, it's a great time in minnesota to go camping, state parks, they have to leave. it's going to be a challenging day for thousands of san francisco commuters as well. golden gate ferry service is canceled today. good news, it's just temporary, a one-day strike by the ticket seller's union to save jobs. ferry service is expected to be back to normal tomorrow. lawmakers on both sides of the aisles digging in over the debt crisis and fast-approaching deadline a month from tomorrow.
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the senate has canceled its scheduled recess next week to continue working on a compromise but appears the only thing lawmakers are doing is taking swipes at each other. >> what i would like to briefly address today is what seems to me to be an obsession on the part of the president to raise taxes. in fact, he is so fixed on this, it is so important to him to raise taxes, he's willing to risk an economic crisis knowing that congress won't raise taxes as part of the debt ceiling increase. >> i honestly think we can say that american people are tired of the posturing. they just want us to work. they want washington to negotiate and reach an agreement. they want each side to move outside their comfort zone to accept tough choices that they wouldn't ordinarily want to accept but which the demands of the time or rather the times demand.
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>> also treasury secretary timothy geithner could soon be leaving the administration. a source familiar with discussions tells our jessica yellen that geithner is thinking about leaving his post after a deal is reached to raise the debt ceiling, that the source adds that geithner has not announced any final decision. keeping score at home, day 112 of the nfl lockout and day one of the nba lockout. >> there's still baseball. >> still baseball. >> and hockey. >> i have tickets to the yank s yankees. my tickets got more valuable. the league locked out it players after midnight when they failed to reach a new deal on collective bargaining. the two sides remain far apart on every major issue. the lockout puts the season in jeopardy. commissioner david certain says the league lost $300 million last season and needs cost-cutting help from the players' union. >> the goal here has been to make the league profitable and to have a league where all 30 teams can compete.
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and since neither of those goals stated earlier have been achieved, the owners really don't have any choice. >> a lot of our fans and people that follow our game, although we're not going to miss any games at this point, still just don't like the prospect of a lockout. we don't like it either. >> just the second time that the two leagues have been shut down simultaneously by labor strikes. major league baseball and the nhl were both idle back in 1994. both of those leagues will tell you how much it cost them in terms of money, fan support. it's dangerous when there are supposed to be games on. being on strike when there aren't supposed to be games doesn't matter. a lost season is a big deal. tight lipped about any emergency surgery and now an admission from venezuelan president hugo chavez. in a televised appearance yesterday, chavez says that doctors in cuba operated on him to remove a cancerous tumor in june. there's no word yet on when he will return to venezuela but speculation surrounded his health after he canceled a
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high-profile summit of latin american leaders slated for this month. in japan the government is recommending more evacuations from the area around the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. officials say 113 additional households should evacuate from four districts now considered radiation hot spots. that's far beyond the mandatory exclusion zone set up for 20 kilometers around the fukushima reactors. on the run since 2005, and on the 15 most wanted fugitive list since june, alleged drug kingpin keith hasson arrested in los angeles yesterday. he's suspected of masterminding a nationwide cocaine and marijuana ring which raked in more than $20 million. he's also wanted on an open indictment in new mexico. prince william and his wife catherine duchess of cambridge, are in ottawa, canada, this morning. the couple's first official trip abroad since their wedding. they'll be there for eight days with strops across canada and after that on to california.
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it's canada day. >> happy canada day. >> you have flags on hand. >> christine is not here. i have one for her too. ahead on "american morning," a square for the prench president on the campaign trail. someone grabbed him while shaking hands in the crowd. security swoops in. we'll tell you more about what happened after this. >> fresh dna analysis may help the appeal of amanda knox. her mother says she's happy but isn't getting her hopes up. robert gates feeling the love from the commander in chief on his last day on the job. 14 minutes past the hour. what do you got? restrained driver...
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security scare for french president nicolas sarkozy. he was shaking hands with people in the crowd when a man grabbed him and nearly yanked him to the ground. there was a metal fencing in between them. scary moments for him. the bodyguards came out of nowhere, we say nowhere, they were there, wrestled the guy to
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the ground in a matter of seconds and police say they're holding that individual for questioning. >> sar coski pulled back fast. rounding up to block him. >> heard the crowd screaming at the guy, what are you doing, man? >> surprise for outgoing secretary robert gates at his farewell ceremony. presenting gates with the presidential medal of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor. >> i'm deeply honored and moved by your presentation of this award. it is a big surprise, but we should have known a couple months ago you're pretty good at this covert op stuff. >> he's enjoyed a lot of support from both parties and from the american people. he goes out very highly regarded. the reference, of course, to the president's decision to okay the bin laden mission. the covert op. spent four and a half years
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under presidents bush and obama, first one to serve two presidents from two parties. >> he has the support and love of the troops. when you see him there, the speeches he gives, tears up, not a day that goes by i don't think of all of you. >> doesn't seem to be the guy on top ordering people around. he leaves well regarded. >> and also, yeah, petraeus as well, pretty well regarded. the man petraeus is replacing at the cia, starts his new job today as defense secretary, so a little bit of a shuffling of shares. he will be sworn in two and a half hours from now. panetta plans to bring his golden retriever to work every day. got a lot of people to talk in the newsroom how cool would it be to bring your dog. >> i don't have a dog. because i work so much. >> little thing sitting there, yeah. >> you have two choices, need a quiet lap dog or a dog like a golden retriever or lab that will quietly sit there. a boston terrier, not so good
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for work. >> cute part of the show. rob marciano in the extreme weather center. do you bring your dog to work? >> absolutely not, no. i wouldn't bring a chihuahua. >> little yappy things. >> do you have a chihuahua. >> no. but we dog sat for one night -- >> that was scarring. not going to get one of those. >> although they're cute with the ear plugs in. hazy, hot and humid across the mid-south today and the central part of the country. some severe storms expected across the western great lakes. rough weather last night across parts of chicago and some heat building now across the central plains. 102 yesterday in oklahoma city. we've got heat advisories and some heat watches and warnings that have been posted from just east of oklahoma city up towards chicago and in through minneapolis as well. it's going to be toasty as we go through the holiday weekend. 99 degrees expected today for a high temperature in kansas city, 83 in new york city and your special request because it is canada day, 20 degrees right now in winnipeg and about 13 degrees
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in toronto. a little chillier up there in toronto. that would be in celsius, so 70 and about 60 respectively. happy canada day. >> thank you. we appreciate that. our canadian viewers appreciate that. you sent a nice tweet. rob likes tim horton's. >> a coffee shop like starbucks. >> but you can get bagels. >> doughnuts. it's more. you can't describe it, right, rob? >> dunkin' doughnuts of canada and then some. >> you don't have to go to canada when we were covering the new hampshire primary they had good stuff in new hampshire as well. go up there. >> maybe i should get myself on the political track again. >> make a big of a deal about the fourth of july for us. >> totally will. i will be here on monday. rob, you here on monday? >> i'm not. we have the fourth of july forecast. >> can you guys order some flags for monday, please. thank you. she's called a monster in law,
3:22 am
the mother-in-law to be from hell. you may have seen this. this mother-in-law to be sent a letter to her future daughter-in-law, tearing her to shreds. >> and the back story with this, the girl got it and forwarded it to some of her friends saying what should i do about this situation and it went everywhere. sent to me about five times. >> was she meant to send it -- an accident. >> the monster in law actually sent it three times to be ensured her future daughter-in-law got it. it wasn't meant to be out there clearly. >> here's how it starts. here are a few examples of your lack of manners. >> when a guest in another's house --
3:23 am
it ends with -- >> i pity freddie. >> her son. >> it's actually her stepson. that's the craziest part. brings us to our question of the day. if you were the bride-to-be would you still go through with it. >> e-mail, tweet, tell us on facebook. we'll read your thoughts throughout the morning. if it's the stepson, the bigger question for him, how does he deal with the fact that the stepmother and wife-to-be hate each other? >> here's a couple that's happy. >> this was not the problem for these two. the royal newlyweds going across the pond for their first big trip overseas. we're going to tell you how they were received in canada and what they're up to today. >> 23 minutes after the hour. what's up, smart? oh, just booked a summer vaycay. ooo. sounds pricey? nah, with the summer sale, you can find awesome deals for places nearby. interesting...
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27 minutes after the hour. minding your business this morning, u.s. stocks rallying for a fourth day in a row. the dow is up more than 7% for the first half of the year. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 both up about 5% so far. sources tell cnn that treasure secretary timothy geithner is considering leaving his post. not until after congress reaches an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. he's the last remaining member from president obama's original economic team. and the senate is canceling its recess next week to buckle down on deficit legislation. that's after president obama urged lawmakers to forget their vacations until they reach an agreement. congress has until august to raise the nation's debt ceiling or the treasury will not be able to pay all of its bills. lots of new economic figures coming out, a focus on manufacturing data at 10:00 eastern. investors are looking to that number to signal whether the economy has been growing or shrinking. oil prices back up after one
3:28 am
week after president obama decided to tap the pe tloelium reserves. prices fell 4% last week but futures for light sweet crude oil are $94 a barrel. "american morning" right back after the break.
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[♪...] >> male announcer: now, for a limited time, your companion flies free, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply.. crossing the half hour. our top stories, ex-imf chief d dominique strauss-kahn could walk out of house arrest today. a hearing is scheduled to talk about the credibility of the hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault. minnesota's government shut down after lawmakers unable to
3:32 am
reach an agreement on the state's budget. the state's zoos, state parks, all closed and thousands of state employees will be sent home today without pay. testimony is expected to wrap up today in the casey anthony murder trial. the case could be in the hands of the jury by the weekend. the defense rested yesterday without calling casey to testify in her own defense. her father george anthony's alleged mistress testified saying he told her caylee's death was, quote, an accident. closing arguments will likely be held tomorrow. the mother amanda knox speaking out, knox is the american student convicted of a 2007 murder in italy. she says she will not celebrate until her daughter walks out of jail, but new hope the conviction may be overturned. experts told the italian court the dna evidence police used to link knox may have been tainted and lots of jumping and hugging when those results were heard. >> she had been so nervous and i kept telling her this is going to be good, we know it has to be
3:33 am
good. she's understandably not taking anything for granted. during the first trial we took for granted because she was innocent that would turn out and it didn't go that way. so she's very careful about not getting her hopes up. i tell her, see, it's one more step in the right direction. >> for more on the startling new developments in this case against amanda knox watch the special "murder abroad the amanda knox story" tonight at 10:00 eastern on cnn. william and catherine are waking up in canada this morning. their first official trip overseas as husband and wife. >> and it's canada day, which i don't run the flag every time we say canada. >> you're tempted to but only allowed once a year. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge have a busy eight days planned before heading to the united states. max foster live in ottawa, having a blast of a time right behind him on parliament hill where everybody gathers. what's on the royals' agenda
3:34 am
today, max? >> i feel quite guilty, ali. shouldn't you be here? you know what atmosphere is like and the crowds are gathering. a big sort of party expected at lunch time when there's going to be a concert on the stage to my life. before that you have a bit of pomp and pageantry, the couple in the state lando, open top carriage, sort of thing you saw on the wedding day and a bit of state ceremonial as well. a great day and a lot expected from the couple and a big reaction expected to the couple after yesterday's huge success. the future king and queen of canada arrived in their overseas realm. william immediately showing his personal side with a young boy in the welcoming party. the bouquet was for catherine, this trip is largely about her. minutes later, the canadian public get their first glimpse. [ applause ]
3:35 am
then a change in tone. william a military man, keen to remember canada's fallen servicemen and service women. william's predecessor king george vi unveiled this. canada's royal history runs deep and recent polls suggest canadians want to keep it that way. will this visit strengthen the monarchy further? that looks like a yes. relaxed, personable, informal, the next generation of royalty and the crowd liked what they see. then, on to the official royal residence in ottawa. and the official welcome to canada. a guard of honor. a 21 gun salute. then a few words from the duke, even taking in a bit of french. [ speaking foreign language ]
3:36 am
[ applause ] catherine and i are so delighted to be here in canada. [ applause ] instilled with us by our parents and grandparents who love this country, we've been looking forward to this moment for a very long time. before we were married well, had a longing to come here together. >> reporter: in the garden a barbecue, young people being introduced to the next generation of royals. a more approachable generation, perhaps, and one which knows how to make a good first impression. and the poignant moment today in their first event they will be going along to a citizenship ceremony where canadians pledge allegiance to william's grandmother the queen. he's going to be in that role one day trying to work out with catherine how they're going to introduce their type of royalty. a sense of that now. of course in the background, another poignant thought probably in william's mind, it would have been diana's 50th birthday today.
3:37 am
>> yes. you're right, she would have been 50 years old today. i'm sure she's certainly in the thoughts and prayers of her son. thanks so much for joining us. we'll check in with you a little later. the countdown to the chow down. today they will hold the weigh in for the nathan's famous fourth of july international hot dog eating contest. the super bowl of competitive eating. four-time hot dog eating champion joey chestnut, favorite this year. i like hot dogs but this is gross. >> yeah. joey chestnut on our show before this. they never go back -- remember last year. one of our writers, rick, who is a competitive eater in his own right and he choked a little bit last year, didn't you, rick? >> i don't understand. tell me about the dipping it in water. >> when you wet it it's easier to choke down the bread. it goes down easier. they never -- >> still with us, by the way. >> yes, he is. he's eaten many other things since then, including some crazy thing out of chicago where it's kill bassey and a hot dog.
3:38 am
>> not just an amateur. he does this. >> goes around the country and eats. >> wow. that's excellent. by the way, they never check in on july 5th to see what the sodium and cholesterol level has done to their body. >> comatose on july 5th. >> the war next door, look at how drug violence has gripped mexico but also why the tide may finally be turning. not because of the police, the government or the military, but because regular people may have finally had enough. >> 38 minutes after the hour. [ waves crashing ]
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41 minutes past the hour. it is the war right on our doorstep. the violent struggle between mexican gangs for control of the drug trade and it's left thousands dead, it's also paralyzed cities like juarez with fear. who can forget this video of the mexican kindergarten teacher instructing her students to duck and cover and singing to them as a shoot-out erupted just outside of the classroom. this week's "time" magazine focusing on the war next door and how it may be reaching a tipping point. innocent civilians have decided that's enough. joining us is tim pageant, the latin american bureau for "time"
3:42 am
magazine and wrote the cover story and you covered this more than two decades. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. the numbers are staggering to give people an idea of what we're talking about here, nearly 40,000 people killed in gang-related violence over the last five years, we've seen the united states pledge money, $1.5 billion in aid to fight the car it tells but we haven't gotten a handle on it yet, can we? >> yes. if mexico and the united states helps mexico, pursue what is really the only long-term solution that country has to save itself from the situation, which is reforming police and the judicial system there, the military campaign that president calderon has been use for the past five years to confront the drug cartels in mexico has been a good short-term fight, but really the only long-term solution is developing professional, modern, investigative police forces because that's what defeats
3:43 am
organized crime. as we saw, for example, in the case of colombia a couple decades ago, not soldiers. >> so, explain what the difference is between having a trained military to be able to battle them. because in some cases you're talking about drug cartels armed with rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles. they're able to outgun the police. what's the difference between having a highly-trained police force and an effective military? >> well, a police force, a military, for example, can do -- it can bust drug cartel cappos, bust massive kilos of cocaine, but what it can't do and what police have to do is get inside organized crime cartels and weaken them, ricoh style, for example. get at their finances, at their political and business protection, get at their more deeply into their structures, the kind of things that military really aren't trained or adept at doing, but which you snowekns
3:44 am
i said professional investigative his forces are. in colombia when they decided to professionalize their police and judiciary in the late '80s and early '90s that's when they started turning the tide against organized crime and we've seen it in other gang plagued places like sicily and hong kong and that's where mexico has to go? >> in your cover story the first couple paragraphs you talk about this perhaps tipping point and the reason behind it, one of mexico's best poets and author's son was killed this year and you say that spawned a grassroots movement, this outrage, that perhaps is going to put more pressure on politicians. explain that. >> right. the violence in mexico obviously is the worst we've ever seen it at this point. it's become a human rights crisis, really. you've got officials, human rights officials in mexico talking about this crisis in terms of like the bull kans back in the 1990s. the good news coming out of this, is because the drug
3:45 am
cartels are increasingly focused or targeting innocent people, you're starting to see the emergence of large victims groups that are like the one led by the poet javier sa sill ya whose 24-year-old son was killed back in march. these groups are starting to put more pressure on mexican politicians to pursue the kind of, you know, rule of law reforms that the country so desperately needs. that's why we feel that there's some hope amidst all the horror in mexico. >> we know it's a two-prong problem. the drug cartels are profiting, i mean, because of the huge demand here. the white house office of national drug control policy say that annually, americans consume $65 billion worth of illegal drugs, a lot of that produced or transited through mexico, and when it comes to guns, 70% according to the atf seized in mexico in the past two years, were smuggled from the u.s. what do we have to do on this
3:46 am
side of the border? >> well, first we have to divert more of our drug war resources toward policies that reduce demand. more drug rehab oriented policies instead of traditional law enforcement interdiction. and we also have to work to reduce that flow of arms. we have to reinstate the ban on assault weapon sales in this country because so many heavy weapons are getting smuggled from the united states into mexico. >> what about marijuana? where does that factor in and would legalization in the u.s. change anything? >> there is a growing feeling that marijuana, which many consider a less dangerous drug, many consider it, you know, on the level of alcohol, and if it's regulated, legalized and regulated, there is a belief that the mexican drug cartels make the lion's share of their revenues from marijuana
3:47 am
trafficking and legalization could put a serious crimp in their finances which they use to buy the heavy weapons that they use to create all the mayhem south of the border. >> a lot to digest. it's a great article. tim packagette for" time" magazine. thanks for joining us. >> we'll be right back. .
3:48 am
3:49 am
here's a look at your headlines. a bail modification for dominique strauss-kahn. a court hearing scheduled to talk about the credibility of the hotel maid accusing him of sexual assault. the defense rests in the casey anthony trial and casey anthony did not testify. george anthony her father's alleged mistress testified saying he told her caylee's death was an accident. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. the minnesota government was foerpsed to shut down after lawmakers were unable to agree on how to close the state's $5 billion budget gap. the state's parks, zoos and highway rest stops are closed. a source familiar with the discussions tells cnn that treasury secretary timothy geithner is thinking about leaving his post after a deal is truck to raise the debt ceiling. that source adds geithner has not made a final decision yet. the nba has locked out its players after the owners and players' union failed to get together on a new collective bargaining agreement. the work stoppage puts the 2011/2012 nba season at risk. you're caught up on the headlines.
3:50 am
"american morning" back right after this.
3:51 am
check that out. he's the largest fish in the world. one of the rarest. and they're worth three dozen divers able to swim next to this whale shark, for about an hour. >> wow. the shark apparently liked the visit by the way. some of the swimmers say he was wagging his tail. >> others would describe that as
3:52 am
swimming in the ocean, but sure wagging his tail. we told you about the e-mail going viral from a really mean, let you decide, mother-in-law-to-be to her stepson's bride-to-be, stepson's fiancep. attacked everything from her manners at the table to cheap and out-of-work parents. >> would you, if you received this scathing e-mail like this, or if you even had these types of problems with your in-laws go through with it. >> christin says on facebook i married my husband even though my mother-in-law didn't like me. hasn't talked to me in years. it's her loss. we're open and willing to talk with her if she ever wants to. that's really, mine, who suffers in these cases when in-laws don't get along with the people that they're going to marry it's the kids that suffer. >> keep your comments coming. e-mail, tweet, tell us on facebook. we'll read more of your thoughts later in the show. >> some people should know
3:53 am
better. a well-known pundit suspended without delay after putting his foot in his mouth. >> used a four letter word to describe the president. here's jenny moos. >> reporter: there hasn't been a guy you can call "dick" since president nixon. on morning tv the "d" word raised its ugly head. begins with "d" and rhymes with hick. i wanted to characterize how i thought the president behaved. >> let's see what happens. hit the button. >> thought he was kind of a [ bleep ] yesterday. >> delay that. delay that. what are you doing? >> i think the president -- >> i can't believe you. i was joking. don't do that. did we delay? >> reporter: no delay. and there wasn't much of a delay in the apology either. after all mark halperin is a big-time political writer and analyst. >> it's an absolute apology. >> heartfelt to the president and viewers, i made a mistake and i'm sorry and shouldn't have
3:54 am
said it. >> reporter: msnbc suspended him as an analyst, saying we apologize to the president, white house and all of our viewers. the white house spokesman said he had called the network. >> it would be inappropriate to say that about any president of either party. >> reporter: the "d" word episode seemed to be part of a larger inside joke about the show's delay button. the delay was set up almost three years ago after the host himself joe scarborough swore without realizing it. >> for screaming [ bleep ] you at the top of their lungs. my wife is going to kill me. >> reporter: after that, two delay button were established. one for live remotes and one for the studio. for the show, the hosts were joking about testing the button and a new executive producer manning the controls. >> there's this one button here, you think this was it, apparently there's this other button over here. >> alex, you're supposed to know how to do the job before you get the job. >> lot of button here. >> reporter: if you want to see a guy having trouble with button check out this tucson, arizona,
3:55 am
cable access host trying to cut off an obscene prank caller. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> okay. tell you what -- >> [ bleep ] you. >> reporter: remember the good old days when jon stewart was celebrated for using the "d" word to attack the host of a cnn show called crossfire. >> you're as big a [ bleep ] on your show as any other show. >> reporter: turns out mark halperin apologized a couple years ago for saying john edwards thinks obama is kind of a "p" word that means timid. now they've used the "d" word as well, gawker reports halperin has called obama both types of genitalia, look for the "d" spot, disconnect. >> one button, two button, four. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> all right. coming up next hour, he could have been france's next president. now word that the sex assault case against dominique strauss-kahn may crumble. we'll talk about his future and whether the u.s. legal system
3:56 am
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3:59 am
the case against the ex-imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. it might come apart this morning, he's in court today and the big question, will the hotel maid's story hold up on this "american morning." welcome to "american morning." it's friday, july 1st. christine is off today. because it's canada day. >> that's not why she's off but good try. up first, a man once the world's most powerful banker, dominique strauss-kahn, will be back in court this morning. >> big developments late last night, there's word that the sex assault case against him may be falling apart because of major holes in his accuser's story. susan candiotti, who has been following this case right from the beginning, is live outside the courthouse. tell us what this is all about, susan. >> this is big, ali. it's a stunning development because two source familiar with the case are telling us that
4:00 am
there are serious credibility issues that have arisen with the hotel maid in this particular case. and especially important to point out is we are told it was investigators for the prosecutors that developed some of these problems with the woman's story. not necessarily about what she said allegedly happened at the hotel sofitel but because of issues that were developed when they started looking into her history and background and kite impact her -- it could impact her case if it came to court involving the felony charges. prosecutors, we understand yesterday, called for and had a meeting with dominique strauss-kahn's attorneys to discuss these issues. and disclosed about four or five things i am told. included among them a problem with the asylum application that the maid made from her native guinea when she came to the united states. in that application, evidently she claimed that there was a sexual assault that had occurred
4:01 am
in her past. i am told that involved outright lies. so today in court, prosecutors will be formally outlining what some of these problems are and then the defense attorneys will be asking that bond be modified, so that in effect, they may even ask for him to be let out on his own recognizance. i am told that might not necessarily happen. at the very least his passport might not be returned to him, but he might be allowed to travel, for example, within the united states. we'll have to see. what's key to point out as well, what about this dna evidence? that apparently according to police sources does exist involving some sort of sexual activity at the hotel. what will happen as a result of this? you see how credibility issues can in effect impact an entire case. ali, back to you. >> susan, thanks very much. we'll watch this very closely. you said it's expected to happen around 11:00, 11:30 this morning.
4:02 am
the key here is that it appears to be investigators and the prosecution that is uncovered these holes, not the defense saying this is going on. >> and the more that they interview her and they were finding these inconsistencies, they're raising a red flag on their own which is pretty unusual as well. we'll stay on that story. the other big criminal story going on right now, the defense rests in the casey anthony murder trial. a bombshell moment by the mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter in cold blood. >> casey anthony who did not testify in her own trial. david mattingly in orlando, florida, with some of the highlights and what it could potentially mean as they get set to wrap this up. hi, david. >> hi, kiran. what we saw yesterday was sort of a letdown to everybody who has been following this trial. we had over a month of testimony, over 100 witnesses, and the question came up every day, will casey anthony testify in her own behalf. yesterday we got that answer, she was and the judge went
4:03 am
through a line of questioning with her to make sure that she was the one making this decision. listen. >> you understand that your decision to testify or not testify is solely your decision and your decision alone? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the jury is going to have a lot to consider once they start deliberating after closing arguments. the closing arguments expected to happen saturday, the jury will get this case and begin deliberating. one of the things they'll be looking at is a suicide note left by her father george anthony, this happened in january a few weeks some time after caylee's body was discovered in december. and in that note, as many pages, it rambles on and in that note he said i cannot function knowing our granddaughter is gone, caylee marie never had the chance to grow. i wanted to walk her to school on the first day. he also said, i hope you get to see casey soon.
4:04 am
all the people we met, writing us, say the writing is getting weird, i love you, i am sorry. i will take care of caylee once i get to god. hopefully. the defense looked at this and said this was a man possibly trying to cover his tracks after assisting in the cover-up of an accident. the prosecution looking at this saying these are the words of a grandfather who is overcome with grief. so again, the jury is going to sort this out. we're looking at the prosecution to finish up today with the rebuttal witnesses and then saturday, the closing arguments in this very long and detailed case. kiran? >> all right. david mattingly for us this morning with those details, thanks so much. we want to bring in sunny hostin, legal contributor for "in session" on trutv, following this case with us all along and this morning we have vinny politan, angering coverage on trutv and on "prime news" he's
4:05 am
in orlando. the defense rests and sunny all along you said that casey anthony had to take the stand because -- >> i did. >> how much was promised in that opening statement. she didn't. >> it's her legal right not to. make no mistake about that. she has a constitutional right not to testify. but in opening statements, the defense made so many promises, based, i think, only on casey anthony's story. they said that casey anthony acted the way she did for 31 days, didn't report her daughter's death or disappearance because her father sexually abused her. the defense said that casey did not murder her daughter, she died this accidental drowning death, who is going to provide evidence? only casey anthony. because they promised the jury these huge promises and now they've broken those promises, to the jury, that makes me think that this jury, perhaps, may hold that against the defendant, the defense, i mean there are a lot of holes in this defense theory. >> vinny, if you were only a casual observer of this trial, it becomes very confusing as to
4:06 am
who is testifying for whom. yesterday we were all sort of expecting that casey anthony might take the stand. she didn't. and the big witness ended up being the alleged mistress of casey anthony's father, george anthony. you had a chance to sit down with her on your show last night. first of all, tell us why she was a defense witness and what she told you? >> well, here's what she's all about. george anthony, jose baez in his opening statement, made george anthony, casey's father, the villain, enemy, the guy that orchestrates the cover-up, that sexually abused casey since she was a little girl, he's the bad guy. gets up on the stand and comes across very convincingly and denying all that. they also said that he had an affair while his granddaughter was missing. he also denied that, ali. what they did is they brought in the woman who says she had an affair with george anthony and what they're trying to do is attack his credibility and get in front of this jury some
4:07 am
alleged statements that george anthony made to this alleged mistress. you hear all the alleged inside what i'm saying here. and that's part of the problem it's sort of a hearsay statement. gets in. and in front of this jury is this alleged mistress saying george anthony allegedly said to her the whole thing was an accident. >> i know you had an interview. let's listen to what she said to you. >> okay. >> he's a liar. he knows, come on, like he's wording it -- >> tell me why. >> no, but i know he's lying. because he was in my bed and he was taking my money. >> vinny, you know that was pretty credible, vinny. >> and here's the thing. i sat right next to her and yes, she came across convincingly and yes, she's got some issues in her past. the question is, though, does the jury make the leap from the fact that maybe george anthony wasn't telling the complete
4:08 am
truth when it came to an alleged affair inside a courtroom with his wife in the back row? okay. >> this thing -- >> this thing rests on what that jury thinks about every participant involved, casey anthony, her mother, her father, her brother. it's all a he said/she said operation and you know, sunny made the point yesterday, she said if you make a big opening statement like jose baez did you better have the money in the bank to cover it and you don't think that the defense had the money in the bank to cover it? sunny? >> oh, yes. >> do i? >> i don't think so. >> sunny's analogy. >> i used to get that all the time, vineny, when a prosecutor. if you're going to make this opening statement and write this check to the jury better not bounce the check. you have to have the evidence in your bank account to cash it. i don't think the defense did that. i think the defense bounced the check to the jury and i think that's going to be extremely problemat problematic. i don't want to burden, the defense doesn't have the burden
4:09 am
of proof. i don't think they met their burden either. >> sunny, i don't think they bounced the check. >> the prosecutors give enough evidence to convict this woman in a capital murder case? >> yes, they did. first degree is going to be a challenge because of the jurors have to agree on all this thing and if there's any room for compromise, july 4th weekend coming up, may compromise for something lower. she's not walking out of that courtroom. i want to say about sunny's check that bounced, that wasn't a bounced check, that was a fraudulent check. that's what that was. >> i think you're right about that. >> sunny, vinny, great to talk to both of you. let's give you news in minnesota, thousands of state employees are no longer being paid after the government shut down at midnight. the second shutdown in six years. it's all because state lawmakers, a republican controlled legislature and democratic governor, couldn't come to an agreement on how to close the state's $5 billion budget gap. what's closed this morning the minnesota zoo, state parks,
4:10 am
state lottery, rest stops, no driving tests available until government reopenings and if you're camping in minnesota state park you have to get out. >> are they actively trying to get? agreement hammer eout? >> the legislation feels the governor pulled the plug too fast, there was work to do. this is what happens when you get down to the last minute and should be a signal to the federal side when you wait to the last minute things like this happen. the nba has locked out its players. they had a collective bargaining agreement expire and talks failed to produce a new contract here. the two sides remain pretty far apart on every major issue to salaries to how the league shares revenue. the lockout puts the 2011/2012 nba season in jeopardy. coming up next on "american morning," could president obama be about to lose the sole remaining member of his original economic team? we'll give you details on what cnn is learning. >> a scare for the french president on the campaign trail. it was all caught on tape. someone grabs him while he was shaking hands. we'll have more on the aftermath coming up.
4:11 am
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we'll give you details on what
4:14 am
digging in over the debt crisis fast-approaching deadline one month from tomorrow. the senate has canceled its scheduled next week to work on a compromise. talks are hung up on a democratic proposal to close tax loopholes for the wealthy or as republicans refer to it as tax increases and something they insist they will not support under any circumstances. >> meantime source is telling cnn's chief white house correspondent jessica yellen that timothy geithner is thinking about stepping down after a deal is reached on the debt ceiling. >> jill dougherty live at the white house with both of these stories. good morning, jill. first of all, let's just talk about this, where we are on the debt ceiling. we're a month away. what's going on? >> well, debt ceiling they're still in these talks and still seem to be divided down the middle on the issue of the tax increases as you said and until they can really work that out, there isn't going to be a lot of
4:15 am
progress. the president as you know, is heading up these talks and there's been kind of a brinkmanship, come on up to capitol hill and talk to us, but the president yesterday said he's not going to. now we're getting into the weekend. but there is certainly a sense of urgency here, no question, ali. >> and the senate says they'll stick around next week. we have not heard from the house what they're going do. and then i'm trying to make sense of this timothy geithner thing. what do you make of this? >> well, the source says, i mean number one, i think the headline is he's not leaving yet. he's -- but the -- just the fact this is out there with that velocity and noise, is really says something. he is a key member of the president's team. he is the last remaining original member of the team. five others have departed. he's also, this happens at a time of a lot of uncertainty as we all know about the economy. you have certainly the debt talks, the debt ceiling negotiations, on raising the debt ceiling and that deadline
4:16 am
looming in august. you have lack of jobs. and then you also have the greek crisis. so there's a lot hanging out there. and that could explain some of the nervousness. remember, he, timothy geithner, was the person who came in and was really spearheading this administration's response to the financial crisis with all of its good sides and its bad sides. so there was a lot of criticism in the beginning. when, well, could he leave? well, when he was in a discussion last night, or yesterday, with former president bill clinton, bill clinton played journalists and said are you going to be going and he said, i'll be doing this job for the foreseeable future. but what they're pointing out is they have to get through debt ceiling and the deficit reduction before anything could happen, realistically ali. >> we'll see where it goes as we said. the senate now canceling the recess. will the house follow suit? >> john boehner the one says they're not making any deals. you know what, jill, we'll be
4:17 am
working here for the foreseeable future until the debt matter gets resolved, i suspect. >> right. thanks, jill. a security scare for fetch president nicolas sarkozy. >> that's an understatement. >> somebody grabbed him by the collar. >> grabbed him, but he's all right. >> grabbed him shaking hands in the crowd. there is a gate separating, slammed up against that gate and his security detail swoops in, bodyguards wrestled the guy to the ground in a matter of seconds and police are holding that man for questioning. so maybe we'll know more about why he decided that would be a great idea. >> always curious. rob marciano, weather center, what's going on? >> we had arlene yesterday made landfall across northeastern mexico. video coming to you, mild storm surge. we had winds gusting at times to over 65 miles an hour. but for the most part, flooding was the main issue with this, with the tremendous amount of rain coming in. the wave action. they're in a doubt drouts as well. up into the mountains of the sierra mad dre and became more
4:18 am
of an issue. that's the first tropical storm of the season. we'll have many more i'm sure. wonder if our streak of not hitting the u.s. this year happens again. hazy, hot and humid across the midsection of the country. thunderstorms across chicago with big-time hail and the heat buildings across the western part of the country. from tulsa to minneapolis, chicago, excessive heat watches and warnings posted for the next 48 hours. going to be steamy for the holiday weekend. see delays in tampa, orlando and miami because of afternoon thunderstorms. low clouds and a couple leftover showers in chicago this morning and daytime highs hot across the midsection. 83 degrees expected in new york city and for the most part, we'll see fairly tranquil but hot conditions as we go through the rest of this holiday weekend. right into monday. back up to you. >> happy, fourth, rob, thanks so much. >> just ahead on "american morning" a high stakes battle in texas over the state's new congressional map. who stands to win and lose in
4:19 am
the redistricting man. 18 minutes after the hour. s s s] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪
4:20 am
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4:22 am
22 minutes after the hour. u.s. stocks rallies for the fourth day in a row. the dow jumped more than 150 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also making gains. that's on good news out of greece and a positive economic report in the midwest. lots nuf economic figures coming out today focusing on manufacturing data. a report releasing at 10:00 a.m. eastern, investors looking to that number to signal whether the economy has been shrinking
4:23 am
or growing. former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan made comments of the current administration. speaking on cnbc he said the stimulus plan didn't work and on greece greenspan says a default is likely and will affect the structure of profitability in the united states. some state parks closing for the holiday weekend due to state budget cuts. higher fees and reduced hours at some parks, arizona, virginia, california, some of the states opting to make cuts to the programs. "american morning" right back after the break. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites...
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26 minutes past the hour. in texas, political circles, redistricting is a dirty word. there is a battle brewing right now over four new congressional streets. >> ed lavandera looks where the battle lines are drawn in this morning's defining america report. ed is live in -- how do you say its place you are? >> green. >> green.
4:27 am
>> i've been to green, the middle of oil producing parts of texas. >> well, this is a small town between san antonio and austin and one of the real popular areas around here, green hall, great texas music, most weekends, and you probably remember it well. i think i remember the last time you were here, ali. >> right. >> but anyway, we will get back to what we're focusing on today, redistricting. one of the things that happened because of the 2010 census and explosion and growth in population here, texas gets four new congressional seats and that's just something new to fight over. whenever a redistricting showdown looms in texas, political pundits can't help but think there's got to be a better way. but each suggestion ends in a punch line as the editor in chief of the found out. >> maybe we ought to take the process of redrawing these maps out of the hands of politicians and put them in the hands of techno" crates. >> we ought to take the calories
4:28 am
out of fried chicken too. >> not entirely possible. >> reporter: the last redistricting battle in texas ended with texas democrats fleeing the state to block the republican's plan for a new congressional map. 51 lawmakers secretly escaped to ardmore, oklahoma, spent days hanging around the pool of a holiday inn hotel, trying to kill the bill. redistricting brings out the worst in politics, just ask long-time political columnist dave mcnealy. >> it's a time when people who have previously been friends can become enemies an a time when if revenge can be gotten by those in power it will be. >> welcome to the latest round of texas redistricting. it's even more intense this time around because of the state's population growth. texas will get four new congressional seats, democrats say at least two of the new districts should be drawn from minority candidates. >> 90% of all growth in the last decade in this state was minority growth.
4:29 am
65% of that alone latino. you would expect the new congressional district would reflect the minority populations that created the opportunity and unfortunately they don't. >> reporter: democratic groups have filed lawsuits to block the republican's plan which is still waiting for governor rick perry's approval. republicans argue that because texas is a conservative state, that the new district should reflect that. republicans hold a super majority in the state legislature and were able to pass their plan without democratic support. and now they're prepared to battle it out in court. >> everything in context with this congressional map seems to be leading to the court house. no matter what them and i or the legislature does it's going to go to the courthouse because the group seems intent on making sure it goes to the courthouse. >> reporter: hold on. it's going to be another bumpy political ride. and ali, it will take months, if not a little more than a year to have all of this kind of settle out and there's many different maps and proposals that are out on the table right now. but one thing is for sure, there
4:30 am
will be four new congress people going to washington soon from texas. ali? >> ed, have a good time in green, say hi to the folks on the bus for us and have lunch at the green river car faye behind you. top stories, japanese government says new radiation hot spots have continue been detected beyond the mandatory evacuation zone around the crippled fukushima daiichi plant. officials are recommending more than 100 homes be evacuated in new districts. trace amounts of isotopes have shown up in children as far as 24 miles outside the exclusion zone. a stunning admission and tv appearance, venezuelan president hugo chavez says doctors in cue bo found and removed a cancerous tumor from his body last month. no word when he will return to venezuela. court hearing scheduled for ex-imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. a source tells cnn there are serio serious issues with the credibility of the housekeeper who claims he attacked her in his manhattan hotel suite. >> joining us to talk about this
4:31 am
major twist, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor paul calllan and worked with clients found guilty of falsely accusing people of sexual assault. you have experience with this. the prosecutors in the beginning said they were standing by the witness, thought she had a very credible case. how surprised were you to hear about this turn? >> this is a stunning development. prosecutors went way out on a limb, pulled this individual strauss-kahn internationally flown head of the imf, maybe presidential candidate in france, off an international flight, placed him under arrest, basically throw him into rikers island immediately. the defense has always been saying this is a phony case, a false case, it was consensual sexual activity between the two and now it appears that the prosecut prosecutor's case is completely falling apart. i think on friday, you're going to see a supreme court judge in manhattan possibly releasing him from his home custody and i think this is a staggering
4:32 am
important development. >> usually the defense comes forward and says we have evidence that this witness is not strong. we are hearing, our sources are telling us, it's -- this is coming from the prosecution and from the investigators. >> yes. the sources look quite reliable, actually, indicating prosecutors have asked the judge for a hearing on friday. they would never do that -- >> today or next friday? >> this friday. i think it's on for today. >> yeah. >> later today. and they would never do that unless there was something of enormous importance. the reports, by the way, are among other things, that she was tape recorded, talking to an incarcerated drug dealer about how she could make money going after strauss-kahn shortly after the charges were lodged. what she didn't know is that with incarcerated prisoners all telephone calls are tape recorded. >> they have that on tape. secondly some -- >> probably have that tape. questions in "the new york times" reporting about whether she received money, transfers into her account, from some of these people, perhaps, doing time for drug involvement. >> exactly. the reports are that maybe as
4:33 am
much as $100,000 transferred into her bank account across the country which might tie her into money laundering with drug dealers. other questions, she made an asylum application with the ins to get into this country. apparently she claimed a prior rape. no evidence of the prior rape. so there are just lots of issues here regarding her credibility that obviously have caused problems for the prosecution. >> how committed is the prosecution in this high-profile case going to be to saying we have something on this guy, we may not have had everything we thought when we put him in jail the first time. >> they have gone way out on a limb in this case and going to be extremely embarrassed if they have to drop it. in the end, there were only two people in that room, the maid and strauss-kahn. so whether the sex was consensual or whether it was forced, it's her word against his. >> neither side is denying there was dna evidence of an encounter that took place. other big question, was this a setup?
4:34 am
>> well, hard to say. i mean it would seem that the defense in the case is claiming it was a setup, that she knew he was a rich individual, and she was going to shake him down. now will prosecutors just back away and drop the case? that remains to be seen. i think what you're going to see today is either released on recognizance, strauss-kahn gets to leave his house, his confinement and the case will be put over while prosecutors continue to investigate. when they come up with this kind of material, it's called brady material, evidence of innocence, they have to turn it over to the defense immediately and that's getting back to your question, ali, that's why prosecutors -- >> may not want to but they have to. >> they have a legal requirement to do it. >> would they have a legal obligation to pay, he's spending $250,000 to keep himself under house arrest. >> ironically if he turns out to be innocent, he spent $250,000 -- >> a month. >> for his own confinement. they have no obligation to pay it. how does he get his reputation back? every headline in america had
4:35 am
him characterized as a pervert and all kinds of other things, everybody forgetting the presumption of innocence. by the way, we still don't know who's innocent and guilty here, but that's why we have a presumption of innocence until the evidence comes? >> good to talk to you. thanks so much. a big conversation all day today. criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. still ahead, the reaction on the streets of france to that bombshell news about dominique strauss-kahn that the case against him could be on the verge of collapse. we're going live to paris. >> also, what killed wrestle icon randy "macho man" savage, new details from the medical examiner this morning. >> young golf phenomenon rory mcilroy a hero in ireland not because of his taste in beer. what he told piers morgan. it's 35 minutes after the hour. losing your chex mix too easily?
4:36 am
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4:38 am
here's a shot of atlanta. hazy out there this morning. are you going anywhere this weekend? >> i'm not. >> 75 degrees. >> going to be 92. >> atlanta before 8:00 in the morning is always a beautiful thing. >> and then the humidity kicks in. >> it's 92 like you said.
4:39 am
lot of people love it by the way. i love the city. >> it's a wet heat. >> even in new york i don't like it when it gets hot and mug. >> very low humidity. >> hope you like the wnba, that's all the pro basketball you might get for a while it seems. the nba has locked out its players after the two sides failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. they're said to be far apart on every major issue. >> an autopsy showing wrestling legend macho man savage died of heart disease not a car crash. he died at the age of 58 after a car wreck in florida last month but the medical examiner says the crash could have been -- could have been brought on by him having a heart attack behind the wheel. >> that is an interesting story. he's the biggest golfer in the world right now and name not tiger, he's rory mcilroy, the young irishman who ran away with the u.s. open earlier this month. sports illustrated calling it golf's new era. piers morgan asked him how he celebrated and may have shocked
4:40 am
all of ireland with his taste in beer. listen. >> irish way of celebrating things is to go and get completely hammered. i hope you kept up this tradition. >> yeah, i've had a couple good night out with my friends since i've been home. >> there is some conjecture about exactly what beer is your favorite. >> never guinness. >> you don't like guinness? >> i'm not a big fan. ice if i was going to drink any beer it would be heineken or coro corona. >> wow. that's all right. you don't have to love guinness just because you have happy to have irish roots. sometimes you like a german beer. >> he's the youngest winner of the u.s. open since bobby jones by the way back in 1923. you remember that. bobby jones. >> that was -- i remember watching that sitting on the couch. the former international monetary funds chief dominique strauss-kahn expected in court as lawyers talk about whether the victim in this case, whether or not her story is lacking in enough credibility for them to
4:41 am
move forward. >> these charges derailed any plans that dominique strauss-kahn had of becoming the next president of france. that was at the time a very likely story. there was a lot of outrage in france when he got the perp walk treatment you're looking at, parades in front of cameras in hand cuffs. jim bittermann is in paris live with the reaction to the latest twist in the case, taking the pulse of the french all along, it was met with such remarkable shock when it first happened. what's happening now? >> well, i don't think this is going to do a great deal for their concept of their appreciation of american justice. that perp walk you saw, in fact, is one thing they were very upset about because they have a law against that kind of thing here and, in fact, they think it implies guilt and to the extent so many people now thought that dominique strauss-kahn is guilty, i think that it may be correct to some extent in that. we have been out on the streets today, cnn cameras, and we've taken a look at what people are saying. the big question here is, can
4:42 am
dominique strauss-kahn come back politically and here's the kind of answers we heard. >> i think he can't come back. you mean in the presidential competition? no, i don't think so. i don't think so. i think it's not white and black. >> i think he will be out of the presidency because everywhere, the story will have an input on his career and on his popularity. i don't think he will be able it to make it. >> i think for him to political party is over. >> >> translator: there will always be a doubt. even if they say yes, he is innocent, there will always be people who will think the contrary. >> reporter: despite that public criticism and public skepticism about dominique strauss-kahn, the fact is the political class here, there is a growing feeling he will be able to come back somehow, especially if he's at least partially exonerated from the charges this afternoon and if he can travel back to france,
4:43 am
he could actually get here in time to register for the socialist party primary. the deadline is the 13th of july. ali. >> we'll follow it closely a few hours away from the hearing in new york and you will be following it in new york. jim bittermann in paris for us. prince william and his wife catherine, duchess of cambridge are in -- >> canada this morning. and the reason you have the flag, it's also canada day today. couple's first official trip abroad since their wedding and they will be there for the next eight days with stops across the country. after that they head to california. didn't we think they were going to california for a day. did they extend it? >> end of one day, one full day and kind of leave. >> it's really not three days. one day kicking back in cali. coming up next on "american morning." >> if you want to quit smoking, would getting a text on your phone help? apparently when smokers trying to quit gets texts it helps them kick the habit faster. >> this i have to see to believe. >> 44 minutes after the hour. soft! hard!
4:44 am
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45 minutes past the hour. here are your morning headlines. the japanese government recommending more evacuations from the area around the crippled fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. they extend well beyond the mandatory evacuation zone immediately around it. in a tv appearance yesterday, venezuelan president
4:46 am
hugo chavez says that doctors in cuba removed a cancerous tumor from his body last month. there's still no word on when he heads back to venezuela. a bail modification hearing today for ex-imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. a court hearing scheduled to talk about the credibility of the hotel maid accused him of sexual assault. stock futures up ahead of the opening bell. investors awaiting on manufacturing and spending numbers out later this morning and how those numbers will impact the markets. former boston mob boss whitey bulger in shacksles and an orange jumpsuit. you see him, it's a new coast guard video of him getting dropped off for court yesterday a judge dropped old racketeering charges against him so
4:47 am
prosecutors could focus on his alleged role in 19 mob killings. the defense rests in the casey anthony trial and casey herself did not testify. george anthony, though, her father's alleged mistress testified saying that he told her that callkacaylee's death w accident. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. the nba on lockdown. the owners have locked out players after the league's collective bargaining agreement expired and they failed to agree on a new one. you're caught up on the day's headlines. "american morning" is back after the break.
4:48 am
4:49 am
it was -- i was -- we were commenting on atlanta being hazy. new york is hazy too right now, sunny and 65 degrees. maybe the camera is smudgy. 83 degrees today. no rain in the forecast for new york city. fourth of july weekend. >> yeah. >> going to look nice around here. people who were near sighted, hello, have a tough time seeing objects far away. now there's a new concern, found nearsighted people may be twice as likely to develop glaucoma that can lead to blindness, pain, other problems. researchers say it doesn't necessarily mean one causes the other, they often happen to the same person or cooccur. although it's not clear why it happens experts suggest you go for regular eye exams. >> can't kick the smoking habit your cell phone could help you. smokers are twice as likely to quit if she receive motivational and supportive text messages. some of the text used in the trial were words of encouragement, advice on keeping weight off while quitting and even ways to deal with cravings
4:50 am
since the text method is cheap researchers believe it may entice more smokers to get help. >> little trouble believing that but they say it works. the government announcing that medicare will pay for the expensive prostate cancer drug, a drug shown to add months to the lives of men suffering from advanced some questions. our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us from atlanta. >> this is a drug called provenge and works in an interesting way. they take a patient's own cells and send those cells to the drug company and make a drug that is based on the patient's own biology. so the question is, as you said, about the cost and about what you get for that cost. let's take a look at some numbers. provenge adds about four extra months of life. in other words, people who take the drug lives four months longer than people who don't. the cost for that four extra months of life is $93,000. now, that's a high price tag
4:51 am
but, of course, if you are the man who is living that much longer, you're saying $93,000 is worth it. that $93,000 is usually paid by the taxpayers since 80% of prostate cancer patients are on medicare. ali, kiran? >> that is the only expensive drug out there for prostate cancer. >> this has been an exciting time for prostate cancer research. there are several new drugs out there. they do about the same thing and cost about the same amount. take a look at two other ones. for example, there is a drug called jevtanp appear it gives you 2.4 extra months for $136,000. and zytiga for four extra months of life, $66,000 and all in the same neighborhood. >> the average extensions of life when you're the one doing it you're not thinking about the average. you i think you want to be the high end of that. interesting debate.
4:52 am
elizabeth, thanks very much. >> thanks. this mother-in-law to be from hell you may have seen this already because it went viral. a letter she sent to her future daughter-in-law tearing her to shreds and gets to it in the e-mail saying here is examples of your lack of manners when you're a guest in another's house do not declare what you will and will not eat unless you're positively allergic to something. >> you do not lie in bed late. >> you draw attention to yourself. perhaps ask yourself why. nobody gates married in a castle unless they own it. it is brash, celebrity style behavior. the e-mail ends with i pity freddie, who is her step-son. not all of have done that. our question of the day, would you go through with a wedding if you received that e-mail from your future mother-in-law? here are some of your responses. patrick says while manners are important and not practiced by
4:53 am
many these days, i would follow through with the wedding, apologize and use this experience as a lesson in how not to act in someone else's home. this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to be were both wrong. i'm finding a lot of people with some sympathy with the mother-in-law to be. >> is this girl really that ill-mannered? diana writes i expect the future daughter-in-law has given a reason for her to respond this way. the daughter-in-law is probably immature and probably not the best match for her son. many of us have parents who have experience with our children not choosing a spouse for the right reasons and are blind to that until problems revolve that. >> we will take a break. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh...
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4:56 am
a case on the verge of collapse. i'm kiran chetry.
4:57 am
dominique strauss-kahn will appear in court later today and now lawyers are talking about serious credibility issues with the hotel maid accusing him of sexual assault. first the nfl. now the nba has joined the lockout brigade. i'm ali velshi. the league and its players said to be far apart on almost every collective bargaining issue, putting the entire season in jep jeopardy for 2011 and 2012 on this "american morning." good morning. it's friday. it is july 1st. big july fourth weekend ahead of course. christine romans is off today. >> we left a space for her. dominique strauss-kahn in court this morning. >> a bombshell yesterday the sex assault case against him maybe falling apart because prosecutors discovered major holes in the accuser's story. >> prosecutors, not the defense. susan candiotti has followed
4:58 am
this case every step of the way is live outside the courthouse. we expect to see him in the next three hours or so. susan, what is the story? >> reporter: no other way to describe it. this is simply amazing. we have two sources familiar with the case telling us about serious credibility issues with the hotel maid who has made those serious allegations against dominique strauss-kahn. and as you pointed out, what is particularly stunning about this development is that the prosecutors brought these problems up with members of the defense team. in fact, there was a meeting on thursday called by prosecutors to make these disclosures to the lawyers representing dominique strauss-kahn. pointing out, among other things, according to a source, there are at least four or five problems, as i understand it and at least one of them, as an example, has to do with political asylum application that she made when she came to the united states from her native guinea. this involved what she claimed to be a prior sexual assault and
4:59 am
sources say investigators learned for the prosecution that it simply didn't happen, there were admitted outright lies on the part of the hotel maid. what is going to happen in court today is that prosecutors will be outlining formally some of these before the judge and the defense team will ask at the very least, that the bail possess dsk be modified. they might even ask for him to be allowed toing free on his own recognizance. unclear how the judge will respond to this. they might even ask for his passport back, but i'm told that is unlikely to happen. perhaps he might be allowed to travel in the united states. what does this mean ultimately for the felony charges against him? well, according to a source, it could mean that this could all simply go away but they are not at the stage. the investigation isn't over yet. ali and kiran? >> susan, you'll be on top of it all today and we will follow it very closely.
5:00 am
thanks. japanese government is recommending more evacuations from the area around the crippled power plant. officials say 113 additional households should evacuate from four districts that are now considered radiation hot spots and far beyond the mandatory seclusion zone set up for about 20 kilometers around the fukushima reactors. admission coming from hugo chavez who is saying doctors in cuba removed a cancerous tumor in june. no word when he is returning to venezuela. speculation surrounded after he canceled a high profile summit of latin american leaders slated for this month. treasury secretary tim knee timothy geithner could leave his post after a deal is struck to raise the debt ceiling. >> candy crowley, host of "state of the union," joins us live from washington. candy, geithner the last remaining member of the original
5:01 am
economic team that came in with president obama. he has been through there thick and thin with this president. first of all, do we take this very seriously and, if so, what do you think it means? >> reporter: first of all, it depends on your definition of "soon." this doesn't seem to be something from what i can tell is going to happen before the fall, because now we are also hearing sources saying he wants to make sure that the economy, you know, is at a stronger point before he leaves. so it seems a little funigible, the deadline when he goes. what does it mean? i think politically it becomes a bit of a problem only until the president puts someone else in place. there needs to be seamlessness there. what is the number one political issue that as far as we know is going to dominate the elections in the fall of next year? and that is going to be the economy. so the president needs a sturdy well-respected man at the helm, or woman, and so i think that there is a search going on for
5:02 am
potential replacements but i don't think you're going to see this soon. it's serious. he has made clear all along that he wasn't going to be sort of a two-termer. so this seems like a natural point for him to leave after the debt ceiling, assuming the economy looks okay or at least on track in september or october. >> who would want that job right now, a.b, he may be there forever after the debt ceiling is revolved. seriously, both sides seem to be dug in right now. we heard the president coming out very strong but this august 2nd that they keep talking about looming where the bills won't get paid come august 3rd, what happens if they can't reach an aagreement, candy? >> i know this is going to surprise you but they are even arguing what that would mean and what would happen. a number of republicans that simply don't believe that august 2nd is some magical date after which the u.s. can't pay its bills. they say, look. there is money there in the treasury, there is revenue there to pay these bills.
5:03 am
and it's not going to be huge implosion. whereas, geithner and many others, outside and inside economists, say, listen. the economy -- there's a lot psychological about the economy. this is about the u.s. credit rating, it's about how wall street views what's going on, so there is more to it than the actual is there money in the treasury to pay for this. >> candy, timothy geithner was in the room here in new york a few years ago, september 14th of 2008, when a bunch of smart minds sat around and said the market will be able to take the collapse of lehman brothers in stride and he saw what happened the next day when they let that happen. so i think he is probably on the side of people who say we don't know what is going to happen if we miss that deadline, i don't want to be around to see. >> right. i mean, in fact, i think that most people will say we're not exactly sure what will happen because it's never happened before. >> right. >> and, you know, look. let's face it. congress -- washington needs a deadline.
5:04 am
that's as good as deadline as any. >> who takes the brunt of this right now? you hear both sides and you hear a lot of blame being put on republicans saying we're not going to budge about raising taxes. it's just not on the table. >> ask me that in september of next year and i'll have a better answer. but i think, you know, in general, if you view the polling -- i mean, you heard the president in his news conference and here is the line. the line is everybody is going to have to take a hit. this can't just be asking people that this program is going to be cut and that is going to be cut and we have to look at medicare and then you heard a lot about corporate jets and protecting oil companies. clearly, there's how the democrats are lining up. the republicans are saying it is a weak economic recovery. you raise taxes or close loophol loopholes, whatever you want to call it and it further weakens the economy. it's going to play out for a year and a half, it really is. ask me september 2012. >> candy, thanks. good to see you. don't miss "state of the union" with candy crowley starting at
5:05 am
9:00 a.m. every sunday eastern time on cnn. this is day 112 of the nfl lockout and day one of the nba lockout. >> it's going to last until players and owners can agree, the nba lockout, that is on a new collective bargaining agreement. some say the goodwill between the two sides is about to disappear like lebron james in the fourth quarter of an nba championship. >> cheap shot! joining us is mark mkay from atlanta. tell us the basics what is behind the nba lockout. >> quite a shot there, ali, by the way. well, the basics is that after 18 months of negotiation, the players and owners could not come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining green light agreement the lockout went into effect. fans left if a season this fall. the hours before the contract expired both sides met in new york reporting little progress on the revenue sharing. really any progress on any of the issues facing them. after thursday's session broke, representatives from both sides
5:06 am
went before lights and cameras to ponder where we go from here. >> we had a great year, in terms of the appreciation of the fans for our game. it just wasn't a profitable one for the owners. and it wasn't one that the -- many of the smaller market teams, particularly enjoyed or felt included in, and so the goal here has been to make the league profitable and to have a league where all 30 teams can compete. since neither of those goals stated earlier have been achieved, the owners really don't have any choice. >> a lot of our fans and people that follow our game, although we're not going to miss any games at this point, still just don't like the prospect of a lockout. we don't like it either. something that our owners feel like is the best way, i guess, to maybe get what they want.
5:07 am
we don't agree. >> lockout, what does this mean? give you a thumbnail sketch as to what goes on and what happens from here on out. during the lockout, of course, there can be no communication between the teams and the players. paychecks will be on hold as will health care. if you get injured on a neighborhood court, it's on you to get your own insurance as a player. trades and signings put on hold and negotiations toward a new deal can continue but both sides haven't indicated when they will go back to the table. the owners want a radical change in the way the system has been held. a hard salary cap as opposed to a soft one. they want to reduce the players' share of revenues and rollback existing contracts and the players want to call into question david stearnes assessment. the terms, indeed, lose over $300 million overall and the players oppose the hard salary cap, and they would also like to see increased revenue sharing between the teams. kiran and ali, this is where we stand. the lockout.
5:08 am
unprecedented really in u.s. sports as both the nfl and the nba have gone this route. >> you better let me know early if you want a piece of my yankees tickets. they will be worth a lot more come fall. >> no doubt. >> you can still catch a baseball game and hockey game for now. >> good to see you, mark. thanks. a shocking story. nadia suleiman known as the octomom, she has maybe gone over the edge. her stunning comments in a recent interview. we know that casey anthony will not be testifying in her own defense. did both sides do enough to try to prove their case? coming up, amazing video. a piece of it. divers encounter a 25-foot long whale shark. >> pretty amazing. also ever wonder what it would look like when a mold of a jell-o explodes? personally, no. we will show it to you. the most unique fourth of july fireworks you'll ever see. ♪ hey! you want that?
5:09 am
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5:11 am
sad story.
5:12 am
seems everybody is not set up for motherhood. shocking confessions from the octomom. remember, she had eight children at once but she had other children as well. in an interview with "in touch" magazine, nadia suleiman made tough comments about her 14 children and reportedly said, quote, i hate babies, they disgust me. sometimes i sit in the bathroom for hours eating my lunch and sitting on the toilet floor, anything to get peace and quiet. the saddest confession octomom says i feel like killing myself. i cannot cope. obviously i love them but i absolutely wish i had not had them. >> some say she was -- while it is sad she was doing it for shock value because she needed to get paid, you know, so they splash that on the cover, confessions of the octomom, she to make it sound -- but there are questions about her financial problems as well because she is a single mom of
5:13 am
14 children. it is sad, either way. expected testimony to wrap up in the casey anthony murder trial and the case could be in hands of the jury by this weekend. defense rested yesterday and did not call casey to testify in her own defense and this is a procedure that has take place. the judge has to ask the defendant are they sure she don't want to take the stand. listen. >> you understand that your decision to testify or not testify is solely your decision and your decision alone? >> yes, sir. >> earlier, her father's george anthony's alleged mistress testified saying he told her that caylee's death was an accident. closing arguments will likely be held tomorrow. >> a challenging day for thousands of san francisco bay area commuters. golden gate ferry service is canceled today. good news, temporary, one day strike. in an effort to save jobs are walking off the jobs. we are told ferry service back
5:14 am
tomorrow. the world's longest sea bridge is open for business in china. don't try walking it. it's a little over the distance of a marathon. 26.4 miles long. it cost close to a billion dollars to build and almost three miles longer than the previous record holder, the lake pontchartrain causeway in new orleans. >> 10 of the 11 longest of the 15 bridges are in china. do what you want with that. >> i'll put that in my closet. a chance in a lifetime they say. up close encounter with a whale shark. why is it it only comes across once in a lifetime? >> i'm not exactly sure. i think if you wanted to, you could probably swim around with these guys more often than you think but still pretty rare and amazing experience for these divers. wpec is the affiliate who gave us this. off florida's coast.
5:15 am
the largest fish in the world. >> the breed is the largest, right? >> yeah. he is actually the largest fish in the world. >> this one? >> yep. because they have only seem him and like two others. one of the rarest. three dozen divers were able to swim next to this whale shark for about a half an hour. he may look intimidating but they are gentle giants and apparently like getting visited by scuba divers. >> this one was apparently wagging his tail. the last time we looked at the video you think -- >> he was wagging his tail. >> i think it's a marketing ploy by the whale sharks. it is the countdown to the chow down. today is the day they hold the weigh-in for the annual nathan's famous fourth of july eating hot dog contest. this is kind of a joke. you have to weigh if if you're boxing or wrestling. you don't have to weigh in if you're chowing down on hot dogs. weigh yourself afterwards.
5:16 am
the super bowl of competitive eating. four-time hot dog eating champion joey chestnut looks like a normal-sized guy. >> we have a guy here who is something of a championship hot dog eater. this is last year. >> he is still recovering. he didn't do it this year. our writer rick. you don't understand the whole concept of why they wet the buns. >> i think a wet bun hot dog is disgusting. >> it is! but so is chowing down 40,000 milligrams of sodium in one sitting but they do it. >> how many did he eat here? >> i think rick only eight six. i wasn't that impressed with this showing. i know he has been known to eat many other things. all of these crazy sandwiches around new york. he has done a ton of stuff. >> all-around good guy. >> he sure is. good appetite. >> fourth of july is the day we celebrate as the birth of the united states and the way you celebrate it is by exploding
5:17 am
fireworks a little bit. i bet you've never seen a fireworks display like this one. ♪ >> popular science posted this montag of fireworks going off in spraining places. very slow motion, by the way. i don't know what the technical term is but it's a lot slower than they were able to slow it down substantially. they blew it up in water, a bag of flour, a jar of mayonnaise, a bottle of beer and jell-o. >> i was surprised this year. usually they have the annual where they blow up the watermelon so show you how dangerous fireworks can be and why you should watch displays and not try to set them off yourself. rob marciano in the extreme weather center. you leave your matches at home. >> that's true. especially if you live out in the drought areas.
5:18 am
you can't really resist, you know, light off a bottle rocket or two. >> you boys love to blow things up. >> we do! seeing that stuff in super slow motion is pretty cool, too. fourth of july just keeps getting better and better as does canada day which we are celebrating today. chicago. video last night. rough weather coming through the chicagoland area. we had hail, we had thunder and lightning and we don't have the voed video to show you. trust me, a rough night. it is feeling like the dogs day of summer and everybody in the heat and humidity as we go through time. oklahoma city 102 yesterday. a record-setter. see more records call the next couple of days. heat advisories and some excessive heat warnings that have been posted for northeast oklahoma through parts of the western great lakes. so you'll be begging for some of these thunderstorms later on today. you'll get them in tampa, orlando, miami so be aware of that if you're traveling through those cities.
5:19 am
indianapolis, you'll see some morning rain. 101 in dallas. you want the cool spots? go out to the west coast. 9 in portland and 95 in chicago. there is your heat. 83 in new york right now. that's nice. but the big dome of high pressure will build towards the north and east. through the weekend looking at temperatures easily be in the 90s and some sfoks see temperatures up and over a hundred and with the humidity it will feel a lot warmer than that. do what do you to stay cool on this fourth of july holiday weekend and be careful with the fireworks. if you live where there hasn't been a lot of rain, texas oklahoma and new mexico, arizona, don't light any off. she all about called a monster in-law. >> not by everybody. >> but the bride who sent the e-mails to her friends and now it's gone viral. a woman sent a letter to her future daughter-in-law tearing her to shreds about her manners
5:20 am
and saying here are a few example of your lack of manners. you will not delay what you will and will not eat unless you are positively allergic to something when you are a guest in another's house. you do not lay in bed late. you fall in line with house normals. >> you regularly draw attention to yourself. ask yourself why. no one gets married in a castle unless they own it. it is brash, celebrity style behavior. i pity freddie. freddie is this woman's step-son. >> clearly his future wife is not in the circle of trust. we want to mow whknow what you . would you go through with the wedding if you received that e-mail? >> there is more sympathy for the mother-in-law to be than i thought there would be. we are talking to the man behind the july fourth holiday effort to deliver chicago style deep dish pizzas to our fighting
5:21 am
men and women overseas. >> so good! up next, talk about putting a buzz into sales. some fast food chains are now selling alcohol. who and where? we will tell you after the break. 21 minutes after the hour. losing your chex mix too easily? time to deploy the chex mix boring potato chip decoy bag. now no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure high protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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"minding your business" this morning. check in on the markets. stock futures up slightly ahead of the opening bell. investors waiting for a manufacturing and spending data coming out later this morning. minnesota's government shutdown has shutdown after not able to reach an agreement on the state budget. highway rest stops and minnesota
5:25 am
zoo and state parks closed until the government reopens again. senate canceling recess next week to buckle down on deficit legislation after president obama urged lawmakers to forget their vacations until they reach an agreement. congress has until august to raise the nation's debt ceiling or the treasury will not be able to pay all of its bills. next time you go to a fast food join, you may want to bring your i.d. some fast food chains looking to alcohol to boost sales. sonic will start by the end of the summer and a few locations in florida and starbucks has started selling wine at some stores in the seattle area. coming up next, last minute deals for the fourth of july getway if you haven't made one yet. "american morning" after the break. [ woman ] we take it a day at a time. that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she needs help from me. and her medication. the exelon patch -- it releases medication continuously for twenty-four hours. she uses one exelon patch daily for the treatment of mild to moderate alzheimer's symptoms.
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5:29 am
great place to find out about travel. sarah, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> makes sense on socially media? >> you follow your favorite airlines and favorite hotels and see sometimes they offer last minute deals on their facebook pages or on twitter feeds so you're alerted of affordable escapes last minute. >> i see everybody offering it and i think why but there my be some web only deals. what is this about? >> is a great resource looking for packages and hotels and airlines and plus looking for deals based on a type of trip. beach or arts. it's a great resource. >> packages tend to be a better deal. kayak? >> if you want to compare different airlines, different routes, is a perfect resource. >> air fare watch is about timing when fares are likely to go up and down? >> deals from your home city and send you an e-mail, once a week or twice a week as often as
5:30 am
you'd like at your inbox and at your desk. right there. >> gives you ideas. travel zoo? >> it is offering all sorts of great july fourth escapes travelzoo/julyfourth. washington nationals baseball game, july 2nd, a double-header plus fireworks. 50% off! that's tickets from $9! >> if you're a procrastinator and at this point that could be good you get the whole thing. look at the deals. i like this hotel. the fairfax embassy row. >> you will be located in dupont circle. very upscaled hotel and luxurious and red, white and blue package and serving red and white wine and blue cheese in the afternoons. so much fun! you'll be four miles from the washington nationals park so pair that with a baseball game you got a weekend! >> used to be a westin and then a ritz. nice refurbishment at that
5:31 am
hotel. a great property in orlando here at this hotel. >> a wonderful escape you want to go to epcot, the characters will be dressed in patriotic wear. can you sleep in a place around the park in bonnet creek. luxurious. a golf course, a spa. 209 a night so a great escape if allow to bring the kids and go to disney. >> some people like to be in the park and some away from the park. look at that picture. colonial williamsburg lodge. >> this is where history comes to life. you can see revolutionary times. you can meet thomas jefferson and blacksmiths and whole history comes to life here. $99 for two nights and three days. so much fun. barbecue. teach your kids about july fourth this holiday weekend. >> a hundred dollar activity card you get. sarah, thanks so much. >> thank you! >> she is with "travel & leisure magazine." for more great tips, pick up the
5:32 am
latest "travel & leisure" magazine. dominique strauss-kahn, a source is telling cnn there are serious issues with the credibility of the housekeeper who claims he attacked her in his manhattan hotel suite. a source telling cnn that treasury secretary timothy geithner is thinking about leaving his post after a deal is struck to rate the dez ceiling. the is the last remaining member of president obama's economical team. the nba has now instituted a player lockout. for the second time in league history. the two sides are said to be far apart on most issues and that could potentially wipe out the upcoming nba season. could be a tough few months for sports fans. happening right now. like leon panetta's first day of school and taking over as the nation's new defense secretary succeeding robert gates. >> he is about ton formally sworn in at the pentagon. our barbara starr is there and joins us live. what should we be watching for today, barbara? >> reporter: he will be sworn in
5:33 am
about 15 or 20 minutes and we expect him walking up the stairs of the pentagon this morning. to become defense secretary. there will be lots of handshakes and smiles in public but we want to tell you what will be happening in the shadows around the pentagon. think of it as the war on terror 2.0. leon panetta and david petraeus, who will be taking over for him at cia as we continue to watch the picture and wait for him to arrive. both of those men are very big into the new war on terror. these secret covert operations in places like somalia and yemen will al qaeda is on the rise and making a lot of effort to try and strike in europe or in the united states. so these new secret operations, the war on terror 2.0, front and center, for both of these men. but for panetta, also, he has to find a way to cut $400 billion from the defense budget' get u.s. troops out of afghanistan and out of iraq and speaking of iraq, june has been the deadliest month for u.s. troops in iraq in two years.
5:34 am
a fact not lost on the new secretary of defense. a few minutes away from this. barbara, leon panetta will do things his own way and a little bit different. i love this. he is going to bring his golden retriever to work. >> reporter: there is bravo, the wonder dog, who we will introduce everyone to i'm sure the coming weeks and months. bravo is an absolutely gorgeous golden retriever! you see him there with panetta and mrs. panetta at a ceremony. this is just the world's most gorgeous dog! bravo went to staff meetings at the cia, around the secret hallways with the director when panetta was there. he is described by cia operatives as the only dog in washington with a top secret clearance. >> he is a bomb sniffing dog? >> can he do anything cool because he's a cia dog? >> reporter: not that we know of. other than sit around and wag his tail and look at you with these incredible big brown eyes.
5:35 am
>> this is all fun and games until everybody else wants to bring their dog to work but not as cute as that dog? >> it may be a bit after problem. you hit the nail on the head. there are working dogs at the pentagon and soldiers love their dogs. i think at least once or twice, we will see bravo around these hallways and i suspect he will be a big -- >> it is clear, however, if bravo were a cia dog, he wouldn't tell you. >> oh, never. he has got that top secret clearance. >> he is undercover. >> you don't know what he is up to, barbara. >> barbara, thanks so much. >> reporter: sure. up next, bombshell news. why the case against ex-imf dominique strauss can could be on the verge of collapsing. hey!
5:36 am
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a source tells cnn there are serious issues with the credibility of the housekeeper who claims that he attacked her
5:39 am
in his manhattan hotel suite. joining us now to talk about this major twist, major twist. nobody who is covering this who doesn't think so. criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor paul callen. we spoke to a lot of people including our sunny hostin and jeff toobin. no one thinks this is highly unusual. what is going on? >> it is a really astonishing development. this is the no serious sex crime now being prosecuted by the manhattan's d.a.'s office and suddenly advanced the case to today. they want to make a special appearance in front of a supreme court judge in new york to discuss bail conditions and, of course, the rumors are that their case is falling apart and may be they are going to have to walk away from this case. it's a really, really stunning development. >> scary part about it the manhattan d.a. came out extremely strong about this case when it first happened. >> credibility specifically of the witness. >> right. said it was the credibility of the witness that justified taking him off the plane.
5:40 am
the perk walk which outraged many because of his status and did he mess up or did this woman, what may have happened? >> it's very interesting. because they have taken someone who was the french presidential candidate potentially in the future, the head of the imf. as you say, they pulled him off an international flight, threw him into riker's island. that says it must be a strong case. the defense all along has been saying this is a case of consensual case. not a case of forced sex. there is no case here. now, it appears major problems in the case. here are some of the problems. first, there apparently is a tape recorded call, her talking to a drug dealer, one or two days after she files the charges, talking about how to make money on the case. and there are reports that maybe as much as a hundred thousand dollars put in her bank account
5:41 am
not by strauss-kahn but dlrug dealers and also allegedly made a false claim and listed in connection with an application for asylum in the united states. we are seeing a lot of flaws in this case and people are going to wonder was this the case -- kind of case you want to take the potential presidential candidate from france' put him in rikers island? maybe not. >> why would the prosecution be compelled to be calling this imagine hearing today? >> a rule called the brady rule in new york and applies to all cases in the united states. when a prosecutor becomes aware of evidence indicating innocence of a defendant, they have an obligation to call it to the court's attention immediately. and i think that is probably what is going to happen today. they are going to appear in front of this judge and say, judge, there have been important developments that may have a bearing on the bail that's been set in this case, the
5:42 am
extraordinarily high bail in the case. >> high bail but what about the charges in general? may this judge today throw them out completely? >> no. you will not see that happen today. unless the prosecutor agreed to that. what usually happens when a case starts to fall apart, the prosecutor will continue to re-investigate the case and somewhere down the line, it could be a couple of weeks or a couple of months, they will quietly seek a dismissal of the case. i'm betting that will happen if these reports are true. we are of course, relying on reports we have received from a variety of sources that appear to be reliable. we won't know until the prosecutors appear in court this morning so what the true facts are. >> two or two and a half hours away? >> that is correct. >> if he gets his reputation back, how does he do that? >> people from the streets of paris are saying he is done there. >> what bothers me more than anything else is across the world, a lot of people were saying, you know, americans, they had the perk walk, him in
5:43 am
handcuffs. they felt other people that we treat our criminals -- accuse people too harshly. in defense, we said we are a public system and we are open and even a maid can bring a case against the president or a presidential candidate. a great thing for the american justice system. now if it falls apart, how bad will we look worldwide? >> for all of those people truly attacked and trying to goat justice what does this do for them? for women trying to bring these cases now, they won't be believed. this is a really, really important case and the implications extend worldwide. >> paul, good to talk to you and thanks very much. if you ever sent a pizza in the mail you know that doesn't always work out too well. we have one that is going to work. how about 6,000 pizzas being sent in the man behind the july fourth holiday effort to driver chicago style deep dish pizzas to service people overseas. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
5:44 am
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here are look at the morning headlines. leon panetta arriving at the pentagon moments ago for his first day on the job as defense secretary. former cia chief who is taking over to robert gates is about to be formally sworn in. no sign of his golden retriever bravo. a lot of talk bravo was expected to join panetta at his new post.
5:46 am
a bail modification hearing today for ex-imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. a court hearing scheduled to talk about the credibility of the hotel maid accusing him of sexual assault. mob boss whitey bulger in shackles and orange jumpsuit. there he is coming out of a coast guard chopper dropping him off for court. yesterday, a judge dropped old racketeering charges against him so the prosecutors could focus on his alleged role in 19 mob hits. the defense resting in the casey anthony case and casey did not testify in her own defense. but george anthony's alleged mistress did testify saying he told her that caylee's death was an accident. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. the nba following the nfl's lead and locking out its players. the labor deal expired at midnight after owners and players were unable to agree on a new collective bargaining deal. only once before in 1994 have two pro leagues than shut down at the same time.
5:47 am
at that time, it was baseball and hockey. stock futures up slightly ahead of the opening bell. investors waiting on manufacturing and spending numbers that come out later this morning. source familiar with discussions tell cnn that treasury secretary timothy geithner is thinking about leaving his post but he will wait until after a deal is struck to raise the debt ceiling. they add geithner has not yet announced any final decision. you're caught up on today's headlines. we are back after the break.
5:48 am
♪ it's a beautiful day don't let it get away it's a beautiful day ♪
5:49 am
>> beautiful in new york city. 69 degrees and sunny. going up to 83 and mostly sunny the rest of the day. seems like a perfect afternoon to have some pizza on july fourth. >> it's a perfect kickoff to the fourth of july weekend where a lot of people enjoying themselves but others are serving our country. we want to highlight something special giving the troops a taste of home. group called businesses for patriots are raising money to make a special delivery to our armed forces in iraq and afghanistan. >> they are still there in the war zone and not getting things they can get at home. this time around, canadian forces are getting a slice of it, too. mark is with us. >> thank you for having me. we really appreciate it. >> for soldiers receiving this, this has to be fantastic. tell us how this all works out. uno's pizza here and a dhs plane. >> deep dish chicago, sir, the
5:50 am
real mccoy. very good pizza. >> tell me why you wanted to do this. this is clearly a morale boosting thing. >> it is one of the most critical things for the soldiers. i met general petraeus and i e-mail pretty often. he said, make sure the country and the world knows we take care of our guys. the thought we could send pizza half way around the world and give them a slice of home. >> how does it work? >> you can go to people for and you can donate. i work for at&t. they help us out. the ceo is fantastic. the ceo is a ex-veteran of uno's says whatever you need, lets get the guys some pizza. >> how does it go from where it's baked in chicago on to the planes and off to iraq and afghanistan? >> it goes on an airplane. put it on dry ice. good for 48 hours and lands in the country, in afghanistan, and it goes out to the furthest forward operating bases. further than that to the camps.
5:51 am
general petraeus and his staff say the guys all the way out get it. i had a soldier tell me he was in the desert and the mail helicopter pulled up with their supplies and things and got out and handed him and his guys chicago pizza. he is from chicago and stood there for a minute and stared at it, am i at home? >> obviously, it isn't cheap. >> we have free delivery. fantastic. they are the first ones in the war zone and the only ones that go in. and so we purchase the pizza. the reason i want to do that is to can have a hand in it. you can say on the morning of fourth of july, afghanistan is ten hours ahead of us in iraq. you'll be drinking your coffee and saying to yourself the guys are eating pizza and you can say i bought some guys some pizza. >> easy way to make them feel like they are being remembered. >> totally magical. we are dedicating this to the
5:52 am
greatest generation. my father went to asia and fought and my mother was a rosy the riveter. my parents are getting old and in their 80s. a guy's father died and he went in the basement and found videos of what his dad took the day after the war in hawaii. remember pearl harbor? it's on my website. you watch that and you cry. all of those people they look so young and what they have done for this world. >> we are losing all of those soldiers every day. >> yes, we are. >> it's very important to get their stories on tape if you can. >> you're not kidding. general petraeus does a speech for us and on the website saying this is the next greatest generation. i wrote him and said, sir, you know what? at the top it's hard to see everything. i said you are highly regarded and you are doing the right thing. somebody has to take control of what is going on in the world and just try to make it a better place. you know? whatever you think about the war, we have to take care of the guys. they are all trying to do right. everybody. all of the countries. >> right.
5:53 am
>> here is canada. canada day! >> very good. >> two countries. >> mark, so wonderful to meet you. >> thank you. >> bringing a little taste to home. >> pizza for patriots. retired master sergeant in the u.s. air force. we told you a e-mail that went viral from a very mean -- >> you keep saying she is mean! not to me. >> here is how it starts. here are a few examples. >> you will and will not declare what you will and will not eat unless you are positively allergic to something. >> when rah guest in somebody else's house you do not lie in bed until late morning in households that rise early. you fall in line with house norms. >> no one gets married in a castle unless they own it. it is brash, celebrity style behavior.
5:54 am
it ends with i pity freddie. >> that is her stepson. >> would you go through with the wedding with if you received that kind of an e-mail from your future mother-in-law? >> here is what texas karen has to say. >> pete says on facebook the future mother-in-law may have some valid points. the wedding, manners, overall the theme of the e-mail you're not welcome in this family. one shouldn't judge whether someone should or shouldn't get married based on just one e-mail. i get a feeling there is bad blood that worked its way into one e-mail. >> yes. wow. good luck to everyone in that family. sorry, freddie! i do pity you, too. 55 minutes past the hour.  what is that? it's you!
5:55 am
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it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? let's go back to drawing.
5:58 am
♪ >> guns and more guns. these are our young people. thee stones represent them. we're losing a generation to violence. >> start shooting. grab the kids and run in the house. >> people run in the house and close their doors and don't talk about it but some people not scared to go outside and i'm one of them. my name is diane latiker. we are known as kob, kids off the block. there are kids in gangs and homeless and some drug dealers. so they got a lot of issues. who signed up in chicago? i tell kids, this is a peace
5:59 am
place, this is a safe place. >> i really want to be a veterinarian. >> we have workshops and music. a lot of things go on in here. we started out with ten young people and the next thing, i had 15 and then i had 75 young people in rooms of my house and it start off in my living room. we open the doors to the new kob center in july. last year, we served 103 young people. if they ongoing on that door, they can come in. >> i was 12 when i got in here. >> robbing people, stealing. diane changed my life. i love her for that. >> i'm no different than nobody else. i just opened up my door. why can't we all come outside and see what is going on in our neighborhoods? there are people here who care and i'm one of them. >> these are some


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